Monday, March 13, 2006

Payback time?

We all know fully well the tensions between PMK and superstar Rajinikanth ever since the release of the film Baba. At the time, Rajinikanth had vowed to teach them a lesson. Since then Rajinikanth and PMK leader Ramadoss have patched up. But somehow this hasn't been propagated to the ground. Yesterday, posters condemning PMK have sprung up in various parts of Coimbatore allegedly by the actor's fan club. The PMK local leaders urged the cadres to restrain themselves. A petition was submitted to the Coimbatore district Collector and the Police Commissioner urging them to take action against those who had stuck the posters. Security has been tightened and vigil is being maintained in the locality. One definitely can't rule out the possibility of opponents of the PMK using this to their advantage.


At 3/13/2006 06:58:00 PM, Anonymous Vijay Krishna said...

I think it could be the handiwork of some external agents, as I believe Rajni and his fans would (must) show more restraint.

At 3/15/2006 01:21:00 AM, Blogger said...

All India Rajinifans Association Headquarter confirmed that Coimbatore Rajinifans club is neither directly nor indirectly connected with the work of stucking the posters and there is no such posting called district representative in Rajini fans club field formation.

However, sources say that Abu, ex-secretary of Coimbatore fans club (said to be District Representative) was arrested in connection with the said case.



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